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Maintain Strong Professional Relationships With Current Referring Agencies.


With mental heath and substacne abuse being on the rise in  Maricopa County there is a essential need for placement and rehabilitation services geared towards the wellbeing of this population. The Essence of Wellness vison, mission and objective is to enhance the quality of life for every client that is blessed to enter within our safehavens, with non barriers towards social or economic status. Services that will stategically be upheld includes onsite counseling from certified counselors, specialized therapy groups for specific mental health needs along with a vigorous dynamic adult chemical dependency programs which will conduct independent life skills.Our services will be designed to build upon a client’s strengths while providing community support in redirecting clients behavioral health.


The strategic implementation in place will utilize a team of professionals. The team of professionals will range from counselors to certified behavioral health technicians to carry out resources that Essence of Wellness will provide in order for clients to obtain and live a self full filling purposeful life.

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Essence of Wellness and its team of professionals are committed to providing services to improve and restore each client’s quality of life. We accomplish this by treating each individual with dignity and respect while catering to culturally based needs.


Providing services and care for individuals who need support and direction while giving them hope and solutions to live a self-full filling life. Providing high quality care that meet the needs of each client while creating a wonderful place to work and practice.

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